Keeping Your Workers Safe and Your Firm Compliant, Part 2


This webinar is part of a 3-part compliance best practices series for industrial staffing:


Safety is always a challenge for the staffing industry. Staffing agencies must ensure that they are sending temporary workers to safe workplaces—and that host employers treat temporary workers like any other workers when it comes to safety, health conditions, and protections.

In the second session of this three-part series on best practices for keeping your firm compliant and your temporary workers safe, Mark Lies II, partner with Seyfarth Shaw, will look at what you should do when compliance safety and health officers from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration conduct an inspection.

During this webinar, attendees will learn about

  • What OSHA’s regulatory agenda might look like in 2020
  • How to manage OSHA inspections and reduce the risk of OSHA citations
  • How to conduct effective site visits and evaluations


Adam R. Young, associate, Seyfarth Shaw
Mark S. Lies II, partner, Seyfarth Shaw

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