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Model Contracts

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  • The first authoritative, professional template for firms that provide recruiting, search, and placement services to use as a model in preparing client agreements. The model offers recruiting firms a basic agreement plus extensive optional provisions—along with detailed explanations as to their purpose and use—to afford great flexibility in tailoring the documents to particular client circumstances. More ›

  • To help staffing firms in the professional sector protect their businesses, representatives from the ASA professional section have developed a model agreement. This agreement is not intended as legal advice. It provides suggested language only, and modification may be necessary or desirable in particular cases. Before using this form or any of its provisions, staffing firms are strongly urged to seek the advice of competent legal counsel. More ›

  • This document provides definitions for insurance terms used in the model agreement for health care staffing. More ›

  • This document helps staffing firms understand the Health Care Staffing Model Agreement and the included insurance provisions. More ›

  • Similar to other ASA model contracts, the health care staffing model agreement is based on the principle of “Whose business is it?”—that each party is responsible for the risks associated with its own business, and that each party has a duty to indemnify the other only for those risks. This agreement also addresses health care staffing firms’ needs—it includes a list of documents to maintain for each assigned employee and the types and limits of insurance the staffing firm will carry. The agreement also contains alternative language for traveler positions. Additionally, the sector agreement includes optional provisions for investigation of Medicare or Medicaid fraud, cancellations, and minimum hours per week. More ›

  • Model Contracts

    Time Sheet Terms

    This language is designed to be incorporated into an employee’s time sheet. It contains abbreviated responsibility lists and a waiver of extraordinary types of damage recoveries, but does not contain an express indemnity clause, which could be added. The time sheet language can serve as a stand-alone agreement in situations where no formal written agreement is used and may be used in conjunction with the General Staffing Agreement. More ›

  • This document is intended for use where a written contract with the client already exists. It is designed to “correct” the existing agreement by overriding unduly broad or inappropriate indemnity language without affecting the basic provisions of the contract. More ›

  • Model Contracts

    General Staffing Agreement

    This agreement is intended for use where there is no existing written contract with the client and can be offered in lieu of the client’s standard contract form. It is based on the simple principle of “Whose business is it?”—that each party is responsible for the risks associated with its own business, and that each party has a duty to indemnify the other only for those risks. More ›

  • This material helps staffing professionals address client questions and objections that may be raised in the presentation of the General Staffing Agreement. More ›

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