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Safety Matters: Keeping Temporary Workers Safe on the Job

ASA is committed to protecting the rights, safety, and well-being of temporary workers—and educating staffing companies, their clients, and temporary workers about temporary worker rights and employer responsibilities under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Learn more about temporary worker safety and our alliance with OSHA below.


The ASA-OSHA Alliance

ASA and OSHA have joined forces to develop and execute a strategic plan focused on protecting the health and safety of temporary workers in the U.S.

The ASA-OSHA Alliance

Safely Back to Work Resources

Download safety best practices protocols and pledge your commitment to employee well-being.

Informational Videos on Safety

These videos are for informational purposes only. They do not constitute legal advice and should not be construed as a recitation of staffing firms’ and clients’ legal obligations, as such obligations will vary depending on facts, circumstances, and jurisdiction. Staffing firms and clients should consult with qualified legal counsel regarding their respective safety responsibilities under applicable laws and regulations.

OSHA’s Top Official Comments on Alliance With ASA

David Michaels, Ph.D., MPH, assistant secretary of labor for OSHA, comments on the ASA-OSHA alliance, which was signed in May 2014 and focuses on protecting temporary workers on the job.

Making Temporary Worker Safety a Priority

ASA and its member staffing companies make temporary worker safety a priority. Hear what leaders in the industry have to say.

Latest News & Resources

Employee Safety Best Practices

ASA member staffing companies have access to valuable safety best practices addressing general operations and management of workplace incidents. The best practices include interactions between internal and temporary employees as well as clients, secondary suppliers, vendor management systems providers, and managed service providers.

The safety best practices are available for companies operating in industrial, nurse, office–clerical, professional–managerial, and technical–information technology staffing. Click here to learn more and download resources »

ASA Employee Safety Committee

A dedicated ASA committee, comprised of volunteers from member staffing firms, focuses on temporary and contract employee safety initiatives. See a listing of all ASA committees.

Employee Safety Committee Co-Chairs

Sharon Davis
Elwood Staffing Solutions

Scott Bicksler

Staff Liasons

Stephen Dwyer, Esq.
General Counsel

Brittany Sakata, Esq.
Associate General Counsel

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