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  • Easthampton, MA

    InFlight allows you to deliver personalized digital user experiences such as portals and personalized dashboards, content, and notifications using your current HR systems. More ›

    Robotic Process Automation
  • Haymarket, VA

    API connector that leverages native apply tools and ATS integrations to allow candidates to complete a job application via an “easy apply” directly from a job board, increasing the number of qualified candidates in the top of the funnel. More ›

  • San Francisco, CA

    Censia allows companies to identify workforce skill gaps and monitor diversity initiatives. With Censia you can source passive candidates, rank, and compare candidates for fit to postings. Anti-bias modes are available More ›

    Social Search
  • Parsippany, NJ

    Matching technology that uses data and AI to help companies identify candidate fit to jobs. The tool is a top of the funnel solution for sourcing candidates, AI screening, shortlisting, and interview scheduling. More ›

    Matching Solutions
  • Dallas, Texas

    OutMatch combines the best components of multiple hiring solutions to supercharge your ATS and deliver a holistic, candidate-driven hiring experience. More ›

    Video Interviewing
  • Lincolnshire, IL

    ScoutLogic offers a full range of background checks and reference checks, and assigns each case a “scout” to ensure that recruiters have a touchpoint for questions and issues. More ›

    Background Checks
  • Strongsville, Ohio

    CrimCheck offers both background and reference checks from a fully paperless platform. More ›

    Background Checks
  • Cleveland, Ohio

    Asurint offers a full suite of background checks and verification through their automated platform. They provide a web based portal and adjudication/adverse action notification and assistance More ›

    Background Checks
  • Pune, Maharashtra, India

    In addition to its library of more than 2000 skill assessments, iMocha offers custom, branded assessments and assessments integrated into live video interviewing. More ›

  • Minneapolis, MN

    An AI driven, pre-hire talent assessment platform that evaluates four major areas necessary for candidates to succeed in a role—cognitive abilities, spoken language, behavior, and functional (technical) skills. More ›


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