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  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Brian Reinsfelder

    Brian is a dedicated person—in his career and as a family man. That’s why a contract assignment was the perfect fit: it provided him with the opportunity to have a fulfilling career as a quality assurance engineer and gave him a flexible schedule to fulfill another important job: head cheerleader for his favorite little league… More ›

  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Erin O’Connell

    Erin, a pediatric respiratory therapist, wanted a flexible work schedule that would allow her to do what she loves—provide quality health care to special-needs children—and spend quality time at home with her husband and infant son. STAT Staffing Medical Services helped her find the perfect assignment at the Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh. During three 12–hour… More ›

  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Agapito Soto

    Agapito (Gapo) Soto promised his wife he’d retire after 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. But what would he do next? Always intrigued by technology, he decided to study to become a computer and network technician. Soon, with the help of a staffing firm specializing in tech talent, Gapo landed a job with the… More ›

  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Cheryl Cook

    A contract employee on assignment at the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. State Department, she is the director of E-GOALS, the bureau’s online survey and performance measurement system. Cheryl’s success story exemplifies why millions of people choose to work as temporary and contract employees for U.S. staffing firms: choice of assignments,… More ›

  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Joni Parcell

    Her success story exemplifies why millions of people choose to work as temporary and contract employees for U.S. staffing firms: choice assignments, valuable training, and scheduling flexibility. For over 10 years, Joni has worked as a nurse on both day-to-day per diem shifts, and longer-term traveling nurse assignments. While she specializes in telemetry—monitoring patient heart… More ›

  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Patrick Flynn

    After eight months of traveling and working abroad, Patrick said, “I returned from my journey and needed to find work as soon as possible. I knew from experience that a staffing firm could get me back on my feet sooner than the classifieds could. So, I looked in the Yellow Pages…” And he found his… More ›


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