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  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Will Bennett

  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Shaya De Oleo Medina

  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Brittney Bourgeois

  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Wendy Hobbie

  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Ben Keen

  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Tom Sutton

  • Kevin Miller, 2013 Natinoal Staffing Employee of the Year
    Featured Staffing Employees

    Kevin Miller

    Kevin Miller made a smooth move from college to a Global 500 firm. A staffing firm helped him navigate a tough economy and launch his career. More ›

  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Chris Hoover

    Chris Hoover serves up a story of the perfect assignment turned perfect job. Chris is like many Americans who seek creative work through staffing companies every day—talented, dedicated, flexible, and industrious. So he was especially thrilled when the staffing firm he was working with landed him a choice temporary assignment as an interactive Web designer…. More ›

  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Debby Johnson

    Debby Johnson, a certified public accountant, chooses a contract career because it provides her with challenging assignments and scheduling flexibility. “Contract work allows me to fit my job around my life as opposed to fitting my life around my job,” says Debby. “Contract work is my fit.” As a contract accountant under the Parker &… More ›

  • Featured Staffing Employees

    Brian Reinsfelder

    Brian is a dedicated person—in his career and as a family man. That’s why a contract assignment was the perfect fit: it provided him with the opportunity to have a fulfilling career as a quality assurance engineer and gave him a flexible schedule to fulfill another important job: head cheerleader for his favorite little league… More ›


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