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The inaugural ASA ExecuVision event took place in 2019 to rave review from the nation’s leading staffing company executives. Here’s what just a few of them said when asked: Why is it important to be a part of ASA ExecuVision?

Alain Dehaze
“It is very valuable to be here because all of these companies are the major employers here in the U.S., and we are at the worldwide level. So, to have this relationship, this contact, this exchange is as great value for me as a business leader, to better understand the American market.”

—Alain Dehaze, CEO of Adecco

Susan Salka
“We all know that things are changing more rapidly than ever. And that means that we as leaders need to continue to learn and evolve and change as well. Being at ExecuVision gives us that opportunity in a very unique way, whether it’s learning about the latest digital transformation ideas or just how to be the right leader for what our company and our clients need in the future. So, if you’re considering ExecuVision, I’d highly recommend it. It’ll be one of the best conferences you attend all year.”

—Susan Salka, CEO of AMN Healthcare

Michael Whitmer
“There are a number of events each year that we all have the opportunity to attend, but I think events like this are extremely important…for the networking. Staffing is still a human business. It is still relationship-driven and having the networking and making the connections is extremely important for just furthering the agenda of the staffing industry. It’s also important to make us think and look differently and grow.”

—Michael Whitmer, CSP, global CIO of Recruit Global Staffing

Lovey Hammel
“It’s been one of the most thought-provoking conferences that I’ve been to. I’m excited because I can go home and really think about some of the disruptors that are happening in our industry—things like the pace of change, technology, people’s attitudes. I really feel that I can go back and start thinking more strategically for my business.”

—Lovey Hammel, president of Temporary Solutions

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