Staffing Industry Research & Data

ASA is members’ go-to source for strategic data and business intelligence to support effective decision-making. Staffing industry data and analysis provided by ASA can help you find business opportunities you might not be aware of, react quickly to market changes, and keep your business competitive.

ASA Data Dashboard

The ASA Data Dashboard gives you an interactive view of the most important staffing and employment metrics, both current and trends over time.

Learn about emerging trends, use employment growth and leading indicators to set your own targets, and plan strategically using industry sales figures. ASA provides members with a wealth of industry-specific research offering you insights into your clients and employees:

  • ASA Data Dashboard
  • ASA Staffing Index
  • ASA Staffing Employment and Sales Survey
  • ASA Skills Gap Index
  • Annual Staffing Industry Economic Analysis
  • Staffing Employee Survey
  • Employee Turnover Calculator
  • State Staffing Facts
  • ASA Staffing Operations Benchmarking Survey
  • ASA Staffing Compensation & Benefits Survey
  • ASA Workforce Monitor