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The American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor is an online survey conducted by The Harris Poll among 1,000 or more U.S. adults age 18 and older. The survey series focuses on current workforce trends and issues.

Latest ResultsASA Workforce Monitor Summary and Infographics

As companies around the country debate returning to the office, 39% of Americans said that hybrid—a mix of in-person and remote work—was their ideal work schedule. Nearly 32% preferred a fully remote schedule, while 29% of Americans said their ideal work schedule was a full return to the office, according to the latest American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor® study.

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U.S. adults' preferred work setting

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Age Outlook

Workers young and old see age impact in career.

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Paycheck Pain Points

Financial concerns loom large for many in the U.S.

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AI In Hiring

Candidates see bias and benefits in AI.

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AI Outlook

U.S. adults say automation could impact employment.

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Job Interviews

How do approaches for job interviews differ?

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Remote vs. On-Site

U.S. adults see trade-offs in remote versus on-site work.

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Recession Outlook

U.S. adults see a recession on the radar.

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Retiree Perspectives

Retirees share thoughts on returning to work.

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U.S. workers are concerned their paycheck is not enough.

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Training & Automation

U.S. employees weigh in on training and automation at work.

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Masking Anxiety

Perspectives on masks and vaccines at work.

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Pandemic Child Care Challenge

Parents say Covid-19 child care duties hurt careers.

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Great Resignation

Job change plans and job search priorities

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Covid-19 Response

Employers hit the mark with Covid-19 response, say employees.

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Pandemic Problems

Folks share their top financial concerns amid pandemic.

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Worries Vary

Concerns amid pandemic differ by demographics.

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Return-to-Work Obstacles

Barriers and Trust Explored.

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Recruitment, Retention, and Relocation

Few Adults on the Job Hunt

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Lack of Experience Biggest Barrier

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Job Search

Personal Contacts Lead to Job Offers

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Training Can Improve Business Efficiencies, Minimize Losses

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Election and Job Creation

Americans Optimistic About Job Creation

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Gig Economy

'Gig Economy' Is Jargon to Most Americans

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Automation, Robots, and AI

Americans Split on Impact of Automation in the Workplace

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The Skills Gap

What Americans Are Saying About the Skills Gap

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Skills Gap: Who's to Blame?

Schools, Employers, Governments—Individuals Too

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Job Search Methods and Preferences

Americans say job search process too impersonal

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Apprenticeship Perspectives

Americans view apprenticeships favorably

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Apprenticeships vs. College

Apprenticeships stack up well against college

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Elections and Employment

Americans positive about employment after midterms

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Job Market

Lack of relevant skills one reason adults can't find work

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Job/Career Change

Workers open to new opportunities, but worry about finding the right one

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Talent Identify Companies' Top Recruiting Mistakes

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ASA Workforce MonitorNearly half of employed U.S. job seekers (49%) believe AI tools used in job recruiting are more biased than their human counterparts. View the results & download the infographics »
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