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Building an Inclusive Talent Pipeline



Staffing organizations, recruiters, and companies can build a pipeline of talent with disabilities with effective outreach. This can happen through formal partnerships and informal efforts. There are a variety of sources that offer talent with disabilities. These include

  • Public agencies like American Job Centers, vocational rehabilitation agencies, and state employment agencies
  • Nonprofits like independent living centers and local community-based organizations that work with people with disabilities
  • Social service agencies that provide labor or assistive services
  • Consulting firms and professional organizations
  • Schools, community colleges, colleges, and universities
  • Peer networking from your current clients or employees

This comprehensive list from EARN has many sources for recruiting talent with disabilities.

These resources from EARN include many strategies for recruiting and hiring people with disabilities.

This page on outreach and recruitment from EARN lists effective recruitment strategies.

EARN’s microcourse, Build the Pipeline provides guidance on conducting inclusive outreach and recruitment.

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