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Recruiting Talent With Disabilities



In some ways, hiring talent with disabilities is like hiring all other talent. However, some practices can make a workplace more attractive to top talent. Recruiters, staffers, and hiring managers should be aware that not all disabilities are apparent and they can

  • Be intentional about outreach to people with disabilities by attending disability-focused hiring events and setting outreach goals
  • Make sure applicants know how to request accommodations if they need them
  • Ensure that job announcements express a commitment to disability inclusion
  • Take out job requirements that exclude many people with disabilities, like lifting a certain weight
  • Offer practice interviews and rĂ©sumĂ© feedback
  • Develop programs designed to support employees with disabilities

This set of resources from EARN offers information on attracting and keeping the best talent with disabilities.

This checklist from EARN will help you make sure your career pages are inclusive of people with disabilities.

This resource from EARN identifies research-backed practices for online recruitment of people with disabilities.

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