Implementing Reasonable Accommodations


A reasonable accommodation is something that helps an employee with a disability do his or her job. These are often called “job aids.”

An accommodation is any change to a job, work environment, or process that would allow someone with a disability to apply for a job, do the job, or access benefits anyone else would have. These changes make the job or process possible or more practical for someone with a disability.

Some common accommodations include

  • Fragrance-free workplaces
  • Service animals at work
  • Assistive technologies like screen readers
  • Assistive services like sign language interpreters
  • Changes to tangential tasks such as lifting objects

Many companies have disorganized accommodations processes. As a result, employees with disabilities cannot do their jobs as easily or at all—and they, along with their talents, leave these workplaces.

This EARN resource can help your organization implement a centralized accommodation program.

For accommodation examples based on disability or work-related function, visit the Job Accommodation Network. You can also explore and use the Workplace Accommodation Tool Kit from JAN.

You can learn more about reasonable accommodations from this EARN resource.